Land Investor Consulting Services receives many questions from investors all over the world. We hope this will serve as a valuable basic aid in understanding the buying and selling process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns. We are more than happy to assist you in the exciting prospect of investing in South America or the USA.

♦ What are the risks I am  incurring investing overseas?

Land Investor Consulting Services (LICS) will only recommend areas that do not imply a high risk for your investment. Historical data will be provided to support our considerationsin combination with our past clients experiences. We will do our best to provide all of the necessary orientation so that you can feel comfortable making a decision that is safe and solid. 

♦ How do I know the government regulations in the country of my interest?

LICS is uniquely positioned in that we have an extensive on-site network of professionals who keep us posted on developing government regulations and legal reciprocity between countries. We have an extensive database which is continually updated with regards to existing incentive programs offered by local or federal authorities and any subsequent changes to these. 

♦ How can I transfer my funds from one country to another?

We only recommend the use of well-known financial institutions with operating branches in the investor’s country of origin and South America.

♦ What other professional services should I expect to utilize during and after the closing? 

LICS can provide you with a list of recommended professionals including lawyers, accountants, title searching companies, agronomists, appraisers, and veterinarians.

♦ What if I am not fluent in Spanish or Portuguese?

We will be happy to offer translation assistance in any one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian, and invite you to communicate with us in the language you feel most comfortable in.

♦ I am interested in visiting a property. Will I be given a tour of the location?

We always accompany our clients to the property of their interest under prearranged conditions. Since overseas trips require proper planning and imply time and expenses, we will always suggest focusing on one area, visiting comparable properties that can or may not be for sale. Prior to departure we make all necessary arrangements for a detailed travel itinerary. We will also help with all needed hotel reservations, regional air and/or ground transportation; as well as provide all necessary tips concerning cultural differences, proper attire, etc. so that the trip can become a rewarding experience beyond the possible interest in one specific property.

♦ Does my nationality prevent me from purchasing land in South America?

No. You may purchase a property in any of our recommended regions as an individual, limited partnership or corporation.

♦ What if I’m looking for a property of a certain size and value you do not have listed?

LICS offers a wide range of properties and values realizing the great diversity of offers as well as requirements. We take great pride in dedicating all efforts to satisfy each customer’s needs and desires. In all instances we will devote our time to show several properties within similar specifications. Per customer request, we will also search for investments of a different style than the offered listings. Since we try to develop a relationship with our customers beyond the closing on a property, we make sure to cater specifically within the desired specifications and budget.

♦ How much does LICS know about the properties listed?

We visit each property before listing it to assure ourselves that it meets our strict criteria. Each property is examined in person. A preliminary search is also done, to ensure that the properties are free of any encumbrances (liens, defaults, squatters, etc). Any property which appears to manifest current or potential problems with legal/fiscal entities; or protected areas located in designated Conservation or Natural Habitat will not be listed.


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